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Michael J. Childs - Michael J. Childs ConsultingMichael J. Childs

Introducing the perfect franchise consultant to help launch your startup franchise concept, or turn around a stalled franchise opportunity.  When it comes to successful business and franchising, been there, done that pretty much says it all.

Say hello to Michael J. Childs.

Mike knows business and franchising from the inside-out.  He has started, owned and run many successful businesses and franchise companies built from the ground up.  He believes in the principles of Fair Franchising and knows that the best, and most profitable, franchise companies operate on a solid foundation of trust between franchisee and franchisor.

DIGIKIDS®, a successful franchise concept created, launched and owned by Mike, won multiple awards for exceptional franchise sales and growth while Mike owned and managed it.

Eventually concluding that his first love was consulting others to success, not running a franchise company, he sold DIGIKIDS® to Franchise Source Brands International (FSBI) to add to their impressive franchise opportunity portfolio.

Mike offers an incredible amount of common sense, business savvy and expertise learned from a career that began long before the Internet.

He knows what to do, what not to do, what companies have done right, and exactly how to keep you from making the same, expensive, success-killing-bank-account-draining mistakes that he made when first starting out.

He’s a pretty decent public speaker on the business of franchising, (something he can explain to an audience that is still awake when he’s finished), and was recently a guest speaker at AM 1300 WMEL Speak Out/Listen In radio show and a featured presenter at Career Source Brevard Biz Launch.

Mike lives in Melbourne Beach, Florida but works with clients all over the country.

He is happily casual but looks darn good in a business suit.  Even an entirely dry one.  A shameless endorphin junky, if you get voicemail in the morning, he is probably out running the beach.  Or on the bike.  Maybe swimming.  Or all three.

Mike doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he does the business of franchising and would love to talk to you about making your franchise opportunity the next big thing.  (Hint) Take him up on this.  It's free.

You can Book Time on Mike's Calendar or dial him direct at 321.392.3000 Ext 1.



  • DIGIKIDS® was named one of the fastest-growing young franchises by Franchise Times Magazine and awarded #42 on Franchise Times Fast 55.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine named DIGIKIDS® a Top 100 - Low-Cost Franchise.
  • DIGIKIDS® was ranked #376 in the Franchise 500® Top Franchise category.

Lisa Childs Schmidt - Michael J. Childs ConsultingLisa Childs Schmidt

When a dad needs the best, most loyal help available who do they turn to?

Say hello to Lisa Childs Schmidt.

Cursed or blessed (pick one) with the same off the wall, wicked sense of humor as her dad, Lisa is the perfect person to head up the Prospect Qualification Program.  If someone gets past her and sent to you as a qualified prospect, you definitely have a live one to talk to.

Lisa combines an optimistic outlook with a delightful tendency for saying randomly hilarious things when you least expect it.

She’s occasionally violent (she calls it kickboxing), and at 9Round Raleigh quickly acquired the nickname "The Animal" for her tireless willingness to pound the bags silly and kill all the rounds - while making the boys look bad.

Then there are the actual animals.  Oh does she love them.  And they love her too.

In her spare time, she is very active in the cat rescue community with hundreds of fed, thankful cats that owe their lives to her.  Her dad calls her a crazy cat lady, and she actually likes that.

If you need a good laugh or maybe want to quiz Lisa a little on just how good her dad is at what he does, or learn more about prospect qualification, give her a call at 321.392.3000 X 2, or use the Contact Form to set up a call.